Rose Water Update 1

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May 12, 2016 by tsabeauty

Hi Guys! So today I’m back and got some interesting news! So I’m starting something probably a little similar to a diary…but the world reading it! Im going to be doing updates every week or two on how rose water is working on my skin! So todays post is a little intro and my first update, lets get into it!

So I started using rose water after seeing the hype, especially after Rumena begum mentioned it! You can buy rose water from literally anywhere (i.e.Tesco) and let me just say…Its AMAZING! So since I just started using it last week my face isn’t changed much however I can see that some of my scarring has dramatically improved…I actually only realised this today. My spots have not vanished…not yet but they are defo going lighter!

So now were into the question; ‘How do I use this?’.

Well let me start by saying, using this in my skin care routine is my fave part! It feels so fresh and really makes your skin feel cleansed! All you have to do is; remove all makeup, wash your face and apply rose water everywhere! I just use a cotton pad and rub rub rub…(not to hard!) Some people say to apply morning and night and finish by moisterising. Not in my case as my skins not too good with moisturiser all the time and I don’t like using it in the morning, so I just use it before sleeping…and its still working!

So Guys thats it! If you have any suggestions or queries, contact me!

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