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May 22, 2016 by tsabeauty

Hi Guys! So the other day I was just passing by in a mall not expecting to see a Kiko store…Oh my god the moment I saw this store I’ve never purchased anything in my life from before I literally froze…no idea why to be honest! So before I ran into the shop like theres no tomorrow I just wanted to let you know I’ve never purchased anything from Kiko before,however, I’ve used a lipliner of theirs once or twice from my sis!

So I only could buy a few things as I had other shops to pay a visit to, hehe…

So before I went to any part of the store I decided to raid the eyeliners! Im so glad I brought these eyeliner as they are absolutely amazing! They are so shiny and oh my god that gold and silver shade is literally life! The eyeliners have a real sparkle to them which is what I like most!

So heres the shades I got! (order of swatches from top to bottom!)

800,815 & 814!

So then I went to pay a visit to the lipliners and also take them home with me! So I unfortunately only had the chance to get 3 as time was running out! I firstly want to say their lipliners are gorgeous, however I would defiantly say the top swatch pic was my fave! All three of the lipliners in the swatch are completely different:

(top to bottom:)

So the first I got was the priciest and yet my most favourite one! I love the consistency and the creaminess this has!


Secondly I got the smart lip pencil which is the most gorgeous shade ever! Shade is ‘711’.


Finally I got a pencil lipgloss in a very nude colour!



So Guys, that is it for today! I hope you liked this post, don’t forget to comment down and leave suggestions, contact me if you have any enquires!

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Lots Of Love,





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