Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara!


June 21, 2016 by tsabeauty


maybelline lash sen

Hi Guys! Welcome back! Its been long since I’ve posted anything but Its just because I have been ridiculously busy! I’m not gonna lie and say that I am going to start posting weekly again as I’m still quite busy however I will try my best to post whenever I get a chance!

So today I have a review for you all on the Maybelline lash sensational mascara! So if you don’t know me you won’t know that the Benefit They’re Real mascara is my life but unfortunately I ran out of it! So until I get hold of it again I decided to go for a drugstore one and at the same time I decided to join the bandwagon and go for lash sensational by Maybelline!

So let me start by saying this is THE BEST drugstore mascara you’ll get! Im not going to lie, honestly, I never expected it to be so good! It gives your lashes amazing length and volume, not leaving them clumped however I do think that depends on the technique you use whilst applying the mascara. I noticed that I can’t wear it how I wear the Benefit one as it leaves my lashes looking clumpy, but after I got used to the new wand etc I’m loving it! I defiantly think the wand of this brush is one of my fave wands ever because it really gets the product onto each lash!

So I actually decided to go for the waterproof one and seriously its real waterproof! This mascara literally stays on all day and thats coming from a person with very bad hay fever and rubs they’re eyes all day! Overall I recommend this mascara if your look for something thats super cute,inexpensive and works fab!

So Guys thats it for today! Don’t forget to give this post a like and follow, and drop me a email or comment below any suggestions and queries you have!

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2 thoughts on “Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara!

  1. thepeatomypod says:

    I agree with this whole blog post! Definitely the best mascara I have ever tried!


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