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January 26, 2016 by tsabeauty

Hi Guys, Today i got a post that I’ve been really excited to share with you all, this post is about which Lipsticks i love using on a daily basis, as you will be able to tell from the images I adore pigmented,long lasting lipsticks, that have a matte finish! At the moment I’m loving all shades of browns,pinks,nudes and a little purple in there too! Continue reading to see all my faves…!

(NOTE: My swatches are in order of the reviews so the first swatch will be the first review!)


urban decay lipstick Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick – ‘Rapture’ :

I do not know how to put this but Im literally dying over this lipstick,I LOVE IT! This lipstick has a great pigmentation to it and i love it for everyday use, Although I’m loving my matt finish lipsticks at the moment, I wear this glossy too because i love it so much, however if you love your mattes, do not worry, just get some translucent powder and put a coat of it over your lips after wearing the lipstick and there you go! Personally my favourite Translucent powder has to be the MaxFactor one! This lipstick is a shade of purple and brown and I’m loving both those colours and it also has a hint of pink, all wrapped in one…whats better?!  Its long lasting to it can last up to 3-4 hours without it being topped up! I picked up this beauty from House of Fraser and it was for £15.50. This has to be right at the top of my lipstick list even though I only purchased it a few weeks ago, Definitely recommend!


serenity Gerard Cosmetics hydra matte- ‘serenity’ :

I simply can’t think of a better compact lipstick which is matte! I’ve been loving this Gerard Cosmetic matte lippy in the shade ‘serenity’, this is a really subtle shade and glides on your lips amazingly. The packaging of this is just beautiful, the gold lid of the packaging is glossy and the rest of the packaging is matte! It is also really compact so you can wear it whenever and keep it in your bag, thats what i do! The only problem is I’ve never came across a store in the UK which sells Gerard Cosmetics so I have to order it online, theres several shades in this so you’ll definitely like one or another…there is one for everyone…but i love all of them! As i mentioned i got mine online and in dollars, i purchased it from Gerard Cosmetics website for $20 (£13.66).



melted.Too liquified long wear lipstick- ‘Melted Nude’

Guys honestly this is the best touch of extra spice on any lipstick! I love using this on top of a lipstick because its just make your lips look a lot fuller however its great without any other lipstick to. This is great to wear to work or school etc because it looks so subtle and gorgeous! I love the way this lipstick is applied and the packaging is also beautiful, the packaging is very compact to can fit into you side bag without any hassle and takes up very little space. This would defiantly be at top of my choice when i want something simple yet glamerous. I purchased mine from Debenhams for £19.00.


bonjour lipstick Bourjois rouge edition velvet- ’09’

This is definitely one of my faves, i love everything about it! They are available in several shades but this has to be my everyday one. These are the perfect size for on the go and are applied very easily they give you the perfect pout and make you lips look great! I purchased mine from Boots for an affordable price of £8.99.


garard cosmetics  Gerard Cosmetics-‘French Toast’

As you can tell i have a slight obsession with Gerard Cosmetics, this Lipstick in the shade ‘French Toast’ is just amazing! I adore the colour as its a nice brownie colour and the packaging is just WOW! I love the fact this stays on for through out the day only topping up once or twice. Its just a perfect Purchase. I got mine from Gerard Cosmetic website for $19 (£12.98).



torch swatch                                   swatch no torch

(With Flash)                                       (Without Flash)


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