Bio-Oil review!

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February 2, 2016 by tsabeauty

Hi Guys! So today I was really feeling like writing a review and a product that has been quite hyped about recently (well not to recent!) is Bio-Oil! Well lets get straight into this! Bio-Oil is claimed to be a specialist skincare for; scars,stretch marks,uneven skin tone,ageing skin,dehydrated skin. Bio-Oil is also known to contain a breakthrough ingredient which is ‘PurCellin Oil’.

I purchased this oil when I had a really bad breakout. I also wanted to try it because I get red patches over my face mainly at evening/night time, During winter I also get dry patches so I really needed something for all my facial issues!

I found that Bio-Oil never really helped tackle my spots instead when I used it would sting them and I thought its because it working but nope, next day they were still there. I never really used it often enough to find out whether it helps skin toning but I might fit this into my daily skin care routine and let you know whether is does help tone the skin.  Although it didn’t help spots it did help my dry skin i noticed the first time i used it my dry skin felt a lot better and eventually I didn’t really have dry skin. So if you have dry skin i definitely recommend this! As far as stretch marks go i don’t know personally but my friend told me it didn’t really help her stretch marks. Finally i definitely think this is great for dehydrated skin as it makes the skin feel really fresh and clean!

Thats all I know from my experience using it! How do you find Bio-Oil?

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