Limited Edition Lush Review!

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February 5, 2016 by tsabeauty

Hi Guys! Today I finally can write my reviews and first impressions on a few of the Valentines day Lush products. First of all I’m so happy I got my hands on them as I do think there only available for a limited time period for valentines, Unfortunately I only had time for bath products and did not get a chance to see the soaps etc.

NOTE: I have not used any of the following yet.

lushlady ‘Ladybird’ bubble bar

This is so cute! Its looks so adorable and I purchased this for my sister(and myself obviously!) because its just so adorable! I just now need to stop raving about how incredible this looks! The smell of this is literally so gorgeous! It reminds me a little of the ‘snow fairy’ shower gel however its much stronger and I prefer this scent a lot more! It also reminds me of bubblegum…(bubble mint preferably) Overall I think Im going to purchase another one before they finished. Im not sure if its limited so be sure to let me know!

candy ‘Unicorn Horn’ bubble bar

This is seriously the prettiest bubble bar I’ve came across! It is full of joyful colours; pink,yellow,blue! This reminds me of one of the kitchen bath bombs which I can’t really recall the name of at the moment. This also reminds me a bit of sakura, which is my favourite after intergalactic! I love this, can’t wait to use it!

lushr1 ‘Lover Lamp’ Bath bomb

This is the only bath bomb I purchased and I love it! I actually don’t know what it smells like to be honest, its unique! This has really cute heart detailing on white. I think i’ll be using this in my next pamper evening!

Do you want a pamper evening essentials?

Thats it for today, I have loads of interesting posts coming out soon!

If you have any queries or suggestions be sure to comment!

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