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February 13, 2016 by tsabeauty

Hi Guys! So I’ve recently been enjoying watching and reading ‘what’s in my bag’ Tags, so I wondered why not do one myself? So this tag in on my handbag which I hold when I go shopping,out of town etc, otherwise I like sticking to a side bag(post out soon!).

So the bag I’m using at the moment is one from River Island which looks so pretty! It has black and white detailing and the sides are black suede, and it literally goes with all outfits! This bag is quite big and fits everything I need daily!

The bag has one big pocket and a small zipper pocket inside.

So firstly I have my IPod and my Phone. These 2 have to be with me at all times seriously they are so necessary! These just be lying around in my bag most the time and go well nearly everywhere! I have the iPod touch 6gen in gold and my phone is the iPhone 6 in gold! (Tiny bit addicted to gold electronics!).

Then I just keep a small makeup bag with me and this is one of my faves that I purchased from Primark. In my makeup bag there’s just a few basic everyday makeup products. I normally carry the lipstick I’m wearing that day and a different one in case during the day I feel like changing the colour. Today in my bag I just kept concealer,mascara,lip liner,1 lipstick and a highlighter and finally and gorgeous blusher! I don’t always carry makeup but when I do this is really all I’d keep with me.


This is probably the most important thing I keep with me, my purse! At the moment I’m using a DKNY one and if I don’t use this I just have a bacic black one I use. This just carrys my point cards and some money, and whenever I look in my purse there’s always a bunch of receipts!

Sometimes I keep my iPad on me and that’s only when I go out of town or somewhere were I’d probably get bored or where I’ll need to blog on the go! I have the IPad Air 2 in gold (again!).

Then I just keep my diary which contains my blogging sceduale and ideas for blogposts and just things that need doing, it bacically organises my whole life! I also carry this pencil which when I brought I mistook it as a pen! My diary is from B&M and the pencil is from Paperchase.

I like to carry a body spray and a bacic perfume, today I just had the perfume ‘So’ and the body spray from Avon.

Finally in the small pocket I just keep some paracetamol and I have no idea why I carry a pen!

Well that’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed this blogpost!

If you have any quaries or suggestions be sure to contact me:

Instagram: TSAbeauty

Email: tsablog@hotmail.com

Lots Of Love,




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