How I destress!


February 15, 2016 by tsabeauty

Hi Guys! So today I was just thinking about how chaotic last year was and how much I hated last year and then I thought to my self, How did I used to relax my mind? Im a really anxious person and I can get quite panicked about minor things, so I find the need to do something when I feel stressed out or just a bit worked up on something! So heres a few things I like doing to stop getting worried or just to relax!


I enjoy some adult colouring books when Im stressed or begging to be stressed, I honestly use to hate colouring, I used to find it a chore but now is a great way to just calm you’re mind and relax!


This is probably my favourite! Spending time with you’re family or pets! I find that when I’m stressed I have to share my thoughts and feelings with someone so I do, else I would probably pop! I like to just talk to my sisters and to be honest I find that I feel so great after talking to my sisters! A problem shared is a problem halved! You can also spend time with a pet, I love spending time with my parrot, Angle!



This also has to be a fave! Have a long bath! I love bubble baths so much! I find that you’re completely relaxed during this time Its like a complete different universe! I definitely recommend Lush bath products, there amazing! The picture below is off the Intergalactic bath bomb! Its so pretty!



Finally, why not just have a cup of tea or hot chocolate? I love the cadbury hot chocolate or just some mint tea! After having my tea I like to just get a hot water bottle and get into a well wanted deep sleep!

hot choco


So thats it for today! I hope these ways help you destress, let me know if they do!

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2 thoughts on “How I destress!

  1. I love colouring books, they are amazing! And hot chocolate is my all-time favourite comfort drink ❤


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