Lush Face Mask Review!


February 23, 2016 by tsabeauty

Hi Guys! So I’m super excited for writing todays post! Todays post is going to be on a much raved about face mask by Lush, Mask of Magnaminty!

This face mask is my baby! I love it!

So mask of Magnaminty is so perfect, accept from how it looks on my face! This mask is my all time fave, its so good! Mask of Magnaminty really helps me when my skin is about to breakout or when I’ve got redness on my face as I mentioned before my face can get really horrible red patches and as soon as it begins this face mask is my life saver! Not only does it work great,it feels great! Every time I wear it I don’t only look forward to how it works but how it feels on the skin! It feels and smells very minty and so amazingly fresh! I really love this mask and highly recommend it for troubled skin,to refresh skin or just relaxing!

I got the 315g pot for £10.

Thats it for today! If you have any queries or suggestion be sure to contact me!

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mask of magnaminty

2 thoughts on “Lush Face Mask Review!

  1. ElishaJayne says:

    hey, i’m nominating you for the liebster award, it’ll be ready by the morning, check it out 🙂 x

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