High End fave highlighters!

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January 29, 2016 by tsabeauty

Hi Guys! Todays post is going the be about my favourite high-end highlighters the reason why I kept it ‘high end’ is because I want to do a drugstore fave highlighters very soon! I hope you really enjoy this post and be sure to let me know any blogs you want me to do and ill try my best to deliver them.

(NOTE: Reviews in order of swatches!)

global glow MAC ‘Global Glow’ Mineralize

This was one of my very first high end highlighters and I adore it!  Its gives you a really nice shimmer and it is great for everyday use! This highlighter is great for everyday because its really subtle and lasts a fair about of time. I purchased mine from Debenhams for £24.


gerards dark highlighter Gerard Cosmetics ‘LUCY’

This is seriously OH MY GOD… I love it! This is extremely bronzed and very shimmery!  This highlighter is extremely pigmented which is what I love about it the most! Theres not really much to say, the swatch shows it all! I purchased mine from the Gerard cosmetic website for £24.59.


gerard light highlighterGerard Cosmetics ‘MARILYN’

I can just not rave about this highlighter enough!! Its is so amazing! Everything about it is perfect! It has great pigmentation and lasts a long time along with the packaging… WOW! I love using this for everyday use and I literally wear it everyday this is defenatly my FAVE! This product is not only for everyday…oh no, this can be used for a special party if you wear slightly more than usual! I purchased this from Gerard cosmetics for £24.59.


urban decay naj Urban Decay Naked Illuminated

The swatch really shows it all! This is very pigmented and shimmery and EXTREMELY glittery! Personally i think this is to much shimmer for a regular basis so i prefer to wear is on a party or any occasion! I purchased mine from Harvey Nichols for £22.50.



highlighter he swatch without torch          high end highlighter with torch

(Without Flash)                                       (With Flash)

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