Morning Skin Care Routine!


March 2, 2016 by tsabeauty

Hi Guys! So I really wanted to let go of makeup related posts today and felt like doing something different! So I decided to do a morning skin care routine as recently I have really focused on my skin and tried to use less things on my skin everyday! So this routine is what I would do everyday unless I have more time to add a few other bits.

So lets get into it!


So firstly Im absolutely loving this face wash I purchased from Boots by Witch Hazel, this face wash really helps my skin and refreshes my skin leaving it super hydrated! I like taking this of with cold water so I can really wake up otherwise I stay asleep!

Next I like to go in with my Garnier Micellar water, this helps my dry patches and redness! After I do this I like to wear a bit of the Johnson’s baby lotion, the reason why I wear this in the morning is because it doesn’t leave my skin dry and makes my skin feel super nice! The lotion is quite a light moisturiser and I think is one of my faves for the morning!


Finally! I like to moisturise my lips with a EOS lip balm which is great!

So guys thats it! I do like to keep my routine short and simple so this is all I use on a regular basis! If you want a night time skin care routine be sure to let me know!

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2 thoughts on “Morning Skin Care Routine!

  1. aletheatrnt says:

    love the micellar water its amazing, a complete holy grail of mine!

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