Lush Faves!


March 4, 2016 by tsabeauty

Hi Guys! So I’m back with a super exciting post…A Lush Faves post! So incase you don’t know I’m a serious lushie, I’m addicted to lush guys! So I’ve only really got into lush about 5-6 months ago, and I’m already such a huge fan! So overtime I go into town I cannot stay away from Lush the smell really brings me in!

So todays post is going to be my Lush Faves, I really recommend all the following products!


So firstly I love the ‘mask of magnaminty’! This thing is amazing! Matter of fact I’ve got a full review on it on the blog,check it out!


Then I really love these two treatments! I find that the ‘Grease Lightning’ really help when a spot is about to kick in and the ‘tea tree water’ really refreshes the skin!

Then I so love all these products! My fave bath bomb has to be the intergalactic one but unfortunately I don’t have an image. I found so difficult to choose from all the amazing bath products on which one to feature so I just picked up whatever came to my hand! So heres some faves!


I love this! Its such a good scrub and tastes amazing too! I really love how this feels but it always ends up in my stomach!


So guys thats it! Be sure to contact me if you have any queries or suggestions!

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10 thoughts on “Lush Faves!

  1. aletheatrnt says:

    i love both the wands,
    im so gutted that snow fairy only comes out once a year because its beautiful!


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