February Faves!


March 6, 2016 by tsabeauty

Hi Guys! So today I’m doing the ‘monthly faves’ tag for February! So I know I’m pretty late but only by 6 days!

So lets get into it!


So firstly guys I still can’t stop hyping about these amazing products! I love all them! They’ve really helped my oily skin and I use the scrub once or twice a week, the mask once a week and finally the face wash regularly.


Then I’ve been loving the garnier micellar water which is so amazing and I also have a review on it so check it out! Ive also loved the simple deep clean pads! They remove the majority of my makeup and exfoliate my skin!


So this month my skin has been all over the place and I’ve been loving this Lush face mask- ‘mask of magnaminty’ which Ive done a review on so check it out! Ive also loved this Ted Baker body spray which has such a gorgeous smell to it!


Now this has been my fave for about 3 months but I had to include it! This mascara is perfect! Ive also got a review on this so check it out!

So this is my most recent purchase and I’m so happy I got it! This contour kit is really good by sleek and is defianty my fave at the moment! I love the highlighter it comes with!


Ive also been loving these two bubble bars! They look so pretty and give you so many bubbles!


Lastly I love these lip products! The lipstick on the left is by Urban Decay in the shade ‘RAPTURE’, The lipliner in the middle is by MAC in the shade ‘PLUM’ and finally the Nars crayon in the shade ‘BAHAMA’.


So Guys thats it! If you have any queries or suggestions be sure to contact me!

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Lots Of Love, TSAbeauty


4 thoughts on “February Faves!

  1. That Sleek kit looks so pretty!


  2. ALIZ STYLE says:

    love the garnier micellar water!
    that lip stuff is right up my alley, pretty colors ♥
    great post!


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